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What if I don't know my finger size?

The internet provides many different printable ring sizer charts that you can print to determine your size. You may also contact your local jeweler to find your size.

Do you have other ring styles available not listed on your site?

Due to the enormous variations of a ring's design, we provide several popular style Championship rings as a standard design however we can design any ring and style to your specification which will be considered custom work. The cost and delivery time may vary on such custom orders at an affordable price.

What wording can I put on my rings?

You can choose any word or letter combination to all standard rings but are restricted to a 15 character maximum which assists with keeping costs down. If you desire a custom ring with more letters, characters, or images, please email us at or Please be advised, due to certain licensing restrictions, some logos and names cannot be reproduced.

Can I get a sample ring of your standard designs?

Yes, with a refundable fee of $100.00 upon return. Simply select "Standard Design Sample" under the order form and complete your purchase. A standard design sample will be mailed to you. For your refund, simply return the ring in its original condition with the enclosed envelope.

Do you provide custom work?

Yes. If you need custom work completed, please email us at or with all the necessary information. We will provide you with a written price quote based on your specifications 72 hours after receipt of your inquiry. All custom work will require a deposit prior to any artist rendering of your ring's design. After your approval, you will need to complete an order form and we will produce and deliver your custom rings.

Do you provide a sample ring of my completed order before shipping?

Yes, samples are usually shipped once the mold has been completed after the approved ring design proof. Please note that if you need to make changes, a NEW mold fee of $200 will be assessed.



How do I place my order over the internet?

It's very simple! First, select ring size and bezel insert. Second, provide all the lettering on the order form and purchase. It's that simple! Once payment has received, you will receive a confirmation page.

What happens after I place my order?

Once your order is complete, we will begin completing your specific design. Although the design proof comes in many different formats, we normally provide the ring design proof in PDF format for your review. Once you approve the ring design proof, we begin the production.

Can I order just one ring?

Yes, however the cost will be significantly higher. Of course, quantity orders are our specialty which passes a tremendous saving on to you.

Once I place my order, how long will it take to receive my rings?

A typical order from start to finish usually takes 30-35 business days (not including weekends/holidays) after receipt of payment and after the ring design has been approved, no matter the quantity. Delivery times for custom orders are extended due to the production time and the custom artwork.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes. We ship worldwide with the least expensive carrier.

Do you offer expedited shipping if I need my rings faster?

We can offer expedited shipping for an additional fee. Please contact us for further details

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, eCheck/Money Order, and PayPal.



Why are the prices so low?

We use jewelers metals (no precious metals) and synthetic stones which allow us to keep costs down so that you can Celebrate Youth Athletic Achievements with Championship rings instead of the traditional plaques and trophies. These rings are BIG, SHINY, and HEAVY (minimum 2.2oz). You surely won't be disappointed!!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! The more you buy, the better your savings.  Many groups, leagues, and organizations have taken advantage of bulk orders to use the extra rings as a fundraiser for both supporters and parents.

What is your Warranty and Return Policy?

Every ring is guaranteed 100% of workmanship, defects, and material failure which means if a ring is received damaged or it's missing a stone, the customer needs to notify us within 72 hours of receiving the product for a replacement. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect all rings. Normal abuse, wear and tear, improper handling or lack of care are not covered. Please note that any repair work done to your rings outside our factory will void this warranty. Due to a customer's specific choice of letterings, all rings are considered "customized" and therefore non-returnable. If repairs are needed due to workmanship, defects and material failure, the product will be replaced for FREE at our discretion.



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